David Sichinava

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Academic publications

Harris-Brandts, S., & Sichinava, D. (2021). Architecture and Friendship Among Nations: The Shifting Politics of Cultural Diplomacy in Tbilisi, Georgia. International Journal of Heritage Studies. AUTHOR’S PROOF; PUBLISHER’S PAGE

Harris-Brandts, S., & Sichinava, D. (2021). The Politics of Urban Recovery in a Stalinist-era Resort Town: Heritage Tourism and Displaced Communities in Tskaltubo, Georgia. In Al-Harithy, H. (Ed.), Urban Recovery Intersecting Displacement with Post War Reconstruction. Routledge. AUTHOR’S PROOF; PUBLISHER’S PAGE

Rekhviashvili, L., Sichinava, D., & Berikishvili, E. (2020). Urban protest movements in Tbilisi: movements are strong, but big capital is stronger. In Dariyeva, T., & Neugebauer, C.S. (Eds.), Urban Activism in Eastern Europe and Eurasia. DOM Publishers. PREPRINT, PDF PUBLISHER’S PAGE, GATED

Sichinava, D. (2020). Elections, Political Parties and Social Change in Georgia (2003-2016). In Jones, S.F., & MacFarlane, N. (Eds.), Georgia: From Autocracy to Democracy. University of Toronto Press. AUTHOR’S PROOF, PDF PUBLISHER’S PAGE, GATED

Sichinava, D. (2020). Cleavages, Electoral Geography and the Territorialization of Political Parties in the Republic of Georgia. In O’Loughlin, J. & Clem, R. S. (Eds.), Political Geographies of the Post-Soviet Union. Routledge. PUBLISHER’S PAGE, GATED

Sichinava, D., & Salukvadze, J. (2019). Changing Times, Persistent Inequalities? Patterns of Housing Infrastructure Development in the South Caucasus. In T. Tuvikene, C. S. Neugebauer, & W. Sgibnev (Eds.), Post-Socialist Urban Infrastructures. Routledge. PDF PUBLISHER’S PAGE, OPEN ACCESS

Sichinava, D. (2017). Cleavages, electoral geography, and the territorialization of political parties in the Republic of Georgia. Eurasian Geography and Economics, 1–21. PDF, REPLICATION

Salukvadze, J., Sichinava, D., & Gogishvili, D. (2015). Socio-economic and Spatial Factors of Alienation and Segregation of Internally Displaced Persons in the Cities of Georgia. Spatial Inequality and Cohesion: Studia Regionalia, 38, 45–60. PDF

Sichinava, D. (2015). Understanding Voter Decision-making in the Urban Context of Tbilisi. In H. Gutbrod (Ed.), From Private to Public: Transformation of Social Spaces in the South Caucasus. South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation. PDF

Sichinava, D. (2015). Cleavage Theory and the Electoral Geographies of Georgia. In Nodia, G. & C. Stefes (Eds.), Security, Democracy and Development in the Southern Caucasus and the Black Sea Region, Interdisciplinary Studies on Central and Eastern Europe, Vol. 14, 27-44. Bern: Peter Lang. PDF

Chkhaidze, V., Gogsadze, G., Salukvadze, J., & Sichinava, D. (2008). General Characteristics and Regional Patterns of Electoral Behavior: 2008 Presidential Elections in Georgia. Region and Regionalism, 9(2), 65–78. PDF

Other publications

Zubashvili, N., & D. Sichinava. (2022, June 8). Youth in Georgia have little trust in unions. OC Media. ENGLISH

Sichinava, D., & O. Saldadze (2022, May 10). Georgian Public Opinion on the State Security Services (SSG) Files. OC Media. ENGLISH

Sichinava, D. (2022, April 1). South Caucasus and Russia’s War in Ukraine. Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies at Carleton University. ENGLISH

Zubashvili, N., & D. Sichinava. (2022, March 9). Young Georgians Do Not Want a Military Solution in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. OC Media. ENGLISH

Sichinava, D. & Saldadze, O. (2021, September 28). What do Georgians think about Tbilisi Pride? OC Media. ENGLISH GEORGIAN

Sichinava, D. (2021, August 31). Georgia has a vaccine inequality problem. OC Media. ENGLISH GEORGIAN

Sichinava, D. (2021, March 30). Georgia among worst in the world for vaccine hesitancy. OC-Media ENGLISH GEORGIAN

Sichinava, D. (2021). A View of the Pandemic from the City of Balconies. ENGLISH PDF

Sichinava, D. (2020, 25 October). Georgian Political Parties on Education and Healthcare, Netgazeti GEORGIAN

Sichinava, D. (2020, August 24). Georgians increasingly open to compromise with Abkhazia and South Ossetia . OC-Media ENGLISH Georgian

Sichinava, D. (2020). How Far is Too Far? Public Opinion on Conflict Resolution in Georgia. Caucasus Analytical Digest, 116. PDF

Sichinava, D. (2020, June 9). Lost in the census: Mingrelian and Svan languages face extinction in Georgia. OC Media. ENGLISH RUSSIAN GEORGIAN

Sichinava, D., & Atchaidze, M. (2020). Minimum Wage in Georgia: Gauging Public Opinion. Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Caucasus. ENGLISH PDF GEORGIAN PDF

Sichinava, D., & Gilbreath, D. (2020). Artificial intelligence and Russian propaganda: it’s not what it looks like. OnThinkTanks Annual Review of Technology. ENGLISH

Sichinava, D. (2020, March 9). What kind of electoral system do Georgians actually want? OC Media. ENGLISH

Sichinava, D. (2019, July 9). Who is afraid of the Lugar Centre? OC Media. ENGLISH

Sichinava, D. (2019, April 2). Georgia’s far right are anti-Russian but share Russian narratives. OC Media. ENGLISH

Sichinava, D., & Mzhavanadze, N. (2019, March 1). Georgians support vehicle technical inspections despite the financial burden. OC Media. ENGLISH

Berikishvili, E., & Sichinava, D. (2018). Transformation of Urban Protests in Tbilisi: From Spontaneous Activism to Social Movements. In Neuburg, K., Pranz, S., Tseretelli, W., et al. (Eds.), Archive of Transition. Niggli Verlag Publishers. Salenstein, Switzerland. PDF PUBLISHER’S WEBSITE

Sichinava, D. (2018, March 5). Polarisation in Georgia’s Media Landscape. OC Media. ENGLISH

Sichinava, D. (2018). Attitudes Towards Georgia’s Foreign Policy Choices in Times of Uncertainty Caucasus Analytical Digest, 102. PDF

Sichinava, D. (2017, October 18). Will an Independent Mayoral Candidate Bring Political Change to Georgia? New Eastern Europe. ENGLISH

Gilbreath, D., & Sichinava, D. (2017, April 10). Georgia: Proposed Reform Could Tilt Electoral Field Toward Incumbents. Eurasianet. ENGLISH

Gilbreath, D., & Sichinava, D. (2016, October 6). Georgia is Voting This Saturday. Here Are 7 Things You Should Know. Washington Post’s Monkey Cage blog. ENGLISH

[As a special editor:] Sichinava, D. (2016). Cities in the South Caucasus. Caucasus Analytical Digest, 87. PDF

[in Georgian:] Berikishvili, E., Chigholashili, D., Sichinava, D., & Zazanashvili, N. (2016). Anthology of Urban Protests in Tbilisi. South Caucasus Bureau of the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation PDF PUBLISHER’S PAGE

Gilbreath, D., & Sichinava, D. (2015). NGOs and the Georgian Public: Why Communication Matters. Caucasus Analytical Digest, 73. PDF

Sichinava, D. (2014). Book review: South Caucasus at a Crossroad: Thorny Realities and Great Expectations. South Caucasus Bureau of Heinriech Boell Foundation Georgian, ENGLISH

Sichinava, D. (2013). The 2012 Parliamentary Elections in Georgia and Changing Attitudes toward Russia. Caucasus Analytical Digest, 48. PDF

Sichinava, D. (2012). Shades of Red and Blue - Regional Characteristics of Georgia’s 2012 Parliamentary Elections. Caucasus Analytical Digest, 43. PDF

Media appearances

Sector 3 (2020). Disinformation, Covid-19, and public opinion in Georgia Georgian

Netgazeti (2020). Consolidation in Tbilisi, contest in regions: on what Georgian opposition disagrees Georgian

Radio Liberty (2019). Happiness lost Georgian

Radio Liberty (2019). Anti-Western discourse in Georgian-language media Georgian

Sichinava, D. (2018). Georgia elections: Salome Zurabishvili becomes country’s first female president. Interview by Belle Donati. Euronews ENGLISH

Sichinava, D. (2018). Gruusia sotsioloog: Venemaa õõnestab Gruusiat parempopulistide kaudu. [Georgian social scientist: Russia is undermining Georgia with populists]. Interview by Krister Paris. Eesti Päevaleht ESTONIAN, GATED

Radio Liberty (2017). NDI polls are not aimed at predicting election results Georgian


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